Principal's Message

"We are LIONS!"

Henry Munro is home to nearly 570 grade 6, 7 and 8 students. We offer programs in English and Early French Immersion.

As LIONS, we demonstrate acceptance, perseverance and responsibility in everything we do. We urge all of our students to think about the many ways they can contribute to and benefit from the variety of opportunities available to them at Henry Munro. We challenge each and every one of our students to achieve their personal best. The staff is dedicated in their efforts to offer rich experiences for each student while supporting them on their journey.

The students’ contributions to our community through fundraising efforts in support of the many charities such as the Mission, the Food Cupboard, Snowsuit Fund and CHEO are very impressive. Our community partnership with the Tim Hortons Foundation should also be noted as a great leadership opportunity for the students.

We have a culture of high expectations for our students. In today’s society, it is so critically important for all to meet their potential, which includes completing homework to the best of one’s ability, participating actively in learning and demonstrating good character. The world belongs to them and the possibilities are endless. With hard work and dedication to their education, students are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.

We have the privilege of daily student contact with all grades. With pride we visit their classrooms, talk with their teachers, enjoy their presentations and share their plans for the future. We thoroughly enjoy being your Principal and Vice-Principal.

Seema Guram and Anita Scaffidi

Principal Profile- Henry Munro Middle School

September, 2021


  • Actively supports one of  the Ottawa-Carleton Board’s mission statement – “educating for success — inspiring learning and building citizenship, using the pillars of well-being, engagement, leadership, and learning to support and inspire students and staff”

  • Believes that education is a partnership between students, teachers, parents, administration and the surrounding community that it supports.


Advocacy for Learners

  • Promotes the ideal that all students are treated equitably and with fairness, dignity, and respect.

  • Supports differentiation in curriculum instruction and evaluation to meet the needs of individual learners.

  • Is experienced in dealing with the age demographic of middle school students.

  • Is knowledgeable about the full range of programs, services, and technologies available to learners.

  • Works co-operatively with parents and staff to access programs and services in the best interest of all learners.

  • Supports guiding principles for maintaining a safe, positive, and intellectually stimulating school environment for students.

  • Ensures acceptance and tolerance of Henry Munro’s cultural diversity.

 School Leadership

  • Has ability to generate a collective educational vision for Henry Munro and communicate it in a way that motivates the teachers, students, parents, and others. 

  • Effective use of interpersonal skills to motivate teachers, students and parents towards achieving Henry Munro’s educational goals and objectives.

  • Involves staff, students, parents, school council, in decision making as, and when appropriate.

  • Demonstrates instructional and program leadership.

  • Integrates the school council into the life of the school.

  • Fosters a positive school climate

  • Is knowledgeable about technology as it applies to curriculum and school operations.


Supervision of Program

  • Recognizes the importance of supervision of curriculum as a primary activity for an instructional leader.

  • Plans and conducts formal reviews of school programs

  • Ensures that ministry and board programs/guidelines are implemented.

  • Ensures that assessment, evaluation, and reporting of student achievement reflect ministry and board policies and procedures.

  • Plans and ensures the implementation of available technologies in the curriculum when possible.


Supervision of Staff

  • Plans for and conducts formal evaluation of staff (both academic and administrative) in support of board policies and procedures and Henry Munro’s strategic plan to achieve the school’s mission.

  • Is knowledgeable about what constitutes effective teaching, learning, and supervision

  • Facilitates professional development of staff for purposes of individual growth and school improvement including development and use of technological skills. 


Planning, Organization and Management

  • Manages all school resources efficiently and effectively.

  • Develops, deploys and monitors budget.

  • Establishes policies and procedures that support the orderly and safe operation of the school.

  • Identifies priorities and implements action plans to address them.

  • Ensures smooth running and operation of the facility.

  • Demonstrates ability to work electronically with a database e.g. student information system, budget inquiry, attendance, enrolment, etc... 


  • Effectively communicates orally and in writing for a variety of audiences in both.

  • Represents positively the policies, procedures, and guiding principles supported by the OCDSB.

  • Listens actively to students, staff, parents and the community.

  • Establishes on site communication strategies using a variety of techniques.

  • Recognizes and demonstrates the value of the electronic medium of communication.

 Community Relations

  • Recognizes and appreciates that the school is part of a larger community and both must be mutually supportive.

  • Works co-operatively and consults with school council, recognising it (school council) as an active participant in the school community.

  • Fosters an inviting atmosphere for parents, volunteers, and community members and promotes a positive relationship between the school and the elements of the community it serves.

  • Is proactive in seeking support from the community for the school, its programs, and its services.

  • Encourages active parental involvement in the school.

System Leadership

  • Develops reports and provides information for the system as required.

  • Participates actively in superintendent and board initiatives, and in professional associations.

  • Implements board policies and procedures as required.


Professional Growth and Development

  • Addresses suggestions for professional growth from last performance appraisal.

  • Updates professional competency by pursuing a variety of training opportunities.

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